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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 19, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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i am beth troutman. we have great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." stopped at a light. >> what the driver is about to do -- >> stunned the drivers behind him. what left him so po' d. >> disturbing video of a woman and a group of men. the story behind the street justice. a fence is flattened by a big -- >> gust of wind. >> what happens when the fence starts flying. pet owners join the latest craze.
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cat shaming. >> i revenge pooped twice in the nursery. >> always a dish served cold. >> actually, it is a dish served warm. guy at intersection in massachusetts and pulls up on this pretty sick looking car, so naturally a car enthusiasts. he starts filming and it is a mclaren mp 4 spider and things run somewhere in the 268 g range. >> what the driver is about to do is also sick. you see him come out the doors and over to the sidewalk and dude looks like he is taking a leak in broad daylight on the side of the road. >> at a stop light. >> i got the suspicion when he started unbuckling the belt and i thought was he going to hit the guy with the belt for videotaping? >> i guess not. >> this is gross. he shouldn't have done this. just because he has a fancy car doesn't give him the right. >> starts revving up the engine.
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pulls a little further up to the intersection. then he realizes that the guy behind him filmed the entire thing. >> oh. >> watch this. gives him a little sign language. guy not so happy he was caught on camera taking a leak on the side of the road in broad daylight. a couple of videos for you guys and both of them are incredibly difficult to watch. the first one is coming from the daily sun out of south after kachlt as it begins we immediately see a violent scene. >> is that a ham sner. >> he is holding a mallet when the video begins. according to reports on this, these men are security guards at a store and they are accusing her of shoplifting. >> unbelievable. >> instead of reporting it to the police where she would potentially pay a fine, something like that, they took matters into their own hands and dragged her into this back room
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and as you can see, doing some horribly painful and embarrassing, ridiculous things to this woman. >> this woman, at one point tries to grab the belt and at another point is trying to pull her dress down so she can have dignity in the most undignifying situation. >> it is awful to watch and infuriatin infuriating. >> and according to translation she is screaming she paid and didn't shop lift. what they're accusing her was shoplifting was a food item. >> were they held to account? >> police released the video because they're looking for the two then and the woman in the video has yet to come forward and she has not been identified. this next video also incredibly difficult to watch and a similar scene out of northwest india. as this video picks up, you see three men armed with sticks going after the woman in the middle of your screen and the other woman is there trying to
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help her. these men also go after that woman and she is run away. >> and aoring to repobo$370 to these men and she had requested it back, and according to reports one of the accused men began hitting her with these sticks. his accomplices followed suit. >> the worst part is they want to film this for what? to watch it later and be happy about what they did? >> the one positive thing about the incident being filmed is the woman was able to take the footage and turn it into police and police plan on arresting the three men. >> this video highlights the rights that we have here, it is easy to take them for granted until you see a video like this. >> heartbreaking to watch and hopefully the men will be brought to justice. dash cam video from russia. this time do not keep an eye on
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the road. do not keep an eye on on coming traffic. keep an eye on that fence to the right. >> what? >> no. oh, whoa. >> what's happening? >> a big gust of wind ended up knocking it over and as you can see, there was someone walking right next to it. that, fortunately, was able to run away and so as not to be squashed. a man walking in front of her did get pinned under the against except the wind wasn't done. >> oh, no. >> climb over this person and knocking the person over and also freeing the other man. >> wow. that looks like it got her right in the back. >> r. the nens looks like it is made out of a sheet of aluminum. no wonder it is not very heavy. >> like propped up on stilts. that's not going to feel good, that thin, sharp metal scraping up your back. >> you're right. in the other video we have two different angles. one we see the fence falling down and from the third angle further away and we can see the
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entire thing falling. >> bad day. i got stories of fire and ice out of russia. we start with ice. somebody was traveling along the roadway. it was icy. a mishap happens and the driver says when they were entering a left turn the right wheel betrayed him. >> oh, man. >> oh! >> as he enters that curve, he just starts sliding. >> and once you start sliding like that, there is not much you can do. you have to wait until you stop. that happens right when another car was coming. >> and ice eroy car was coming. >> and ice eroey road and nowhe go. >> this is a story of fire and you have clearly a person in a gray hooded sweatshirt with something in his hand. you see multiple shots of the person. police are trying to identify him. walks by the land cruiser and you see the other guy walk by with the black cap and jacket and, boom, lights it on fire.
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>> wow. >> what? >> even though the car is on fire, somebody comes, shows up with a fire extinguisher and then other people come to aid him. somebody comes with a jug of water to help put him out. >> hopefully he got there quick enough and the damage is minimal. >> that's a lot of smoke from the car. >> this will cause serious damage to the land cruiser. i don't think it will not same. that woman got a 10 inch kitchen knife and went to work on her. >> to cut off his penis. >> hear what she did next and what she recorded. here on the side of the road, one question. >> what's it going to do? &
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out "right
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this minute".com. you can see today's videos and more all day long. >> a trial began this week in santa ana, california. >> the person on trial is katherine pew. according to reports back in july of 2011 she put insomnia medication in her husband's food. she reportedly tied him to the bed and then used a 10-inch kitchen knife to cut off his penis. >> oh, ouch. >> she allegedly took the penis and threw it into the garbage disposal that she then turned on. >> oh! >> she called 911. emergency service ds come to her husband's aid. they took him to the hospital where they tried to perform emergency surgery and they were unsuccessful. the husband, right now not being named said he will never have a sex life ever again and that his mentaltate has deteriorated bec attorneys arguing the case say
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that this marriage was abusive, both verbally and sexually. >> is he severed it because she wanted him to start hurting her. >> that's a tough argument. >> apparently she was angry because the husband had asked for a divorce, that he was seeing another woman. she actually bugged their home. she never caught him cheating on her, but she did catch an audio recording of the moment she cut off her husband's penis. >> no. >> what is she faces? >> charges of torture and aggravated mayhem and could get life in prison for this. the trial is expected to last for two weeks. the jury is made up predominantly of women, but according to reports the men on the jury and in the courtroom were visibly shaken. >> that would give me nightmares for the rest of my life. >> she said in the recording you deserve it three times. >> i don't know how you talk her
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out of jail on that one. i really don't. a couple of videos. we start in mt. pleasant, south carolina, a runner was on a bridge when he sees this plane flying by. >> whoa. >> that plane got a little close and people called 911 reporting, hey, there is a plane getting a little too close to the bridge. >> looked like it was going down there for a second. >> about a nose dive into the ocean. >> look again as it takes another pass. >> oh, man. >> wow. >> talking to wcsc about what he saw while he was running and filming. >> coming directly at the bridge and i was looking straight down the propeller. i actually started running the other way. >> county officials say that this pilot was spraying for mosquitos and this was okay. however, the faa says not so
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fast, we're going to look into this. >> it is what you call dangerously close. thanks for that. >> then somebody from colorado saw this moving object and thought what's it going to do? >> whoa. >> that was like a 7-point buck. those were quite some antlers. >> and looked like out for the morning jog where a jogger would run on the road and then you heard the tweak. cancer just can't hang on. ♪ you're looking forward to a quiet commute on the train home and then this breaks out.
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>> definitely not the quiet car on the amtrak. they wouldn't fly with this. >> so cool. these guys apparently on a bachelor party or like they call it a sag party. >> they're dancing and playing their version. >> nothing kicks off a bachelor party like a good old clogging. >> nope. >> they were on their way from dublin to galloway which apparently is a pretty fun town. >> i will say that the owner of the video did say even though it wasn't quite right she really enjoyed this. >> a police chase is caught on camera by a fire fighter who is also -- >> fighting a huge commercial
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structure fire. >> here it goes. here it goes. >> all kinds of action in one place. >> catch the crazy scene from a bird's-eye view, and jenna demonstrates why the at homew k home workout is no good. >> you come up with 20,000 reasons. >> and it happens every single on your prepaid card?
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have you downloaded the rtm app yet? do it and enter our latest ipad mini give away. >> all you have to do is download the app for your ipad, iphone or android device. >> click on win ipad, fill out the entry form, and you have to be 18 years or older to enter. >> get the rtm videos app and watch great videos anywhere and you can win an ipad mini. >> enter every day until april 25th. good luck, everybody. >> we have footage of a police chase in fresno, california, but wait until you see who is taking the video. this is a guy working for the fresno fire department on one of those truck mounted sprayer fighting a huge commercial structure fire, burning four separate businesses and millions of dollars in damages at the may fair center which is a popular shopping center. this guy is up there getting a bird's-eye view of the chase.
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>> here it comes. they're comes. >> you see the fresno p d in pursuit and the person they're after. he is also communicating with his fire department about where these guys are going. obviously he is concerned the chase is going to come near the fire. >> southbound right now, probably hoping they turn on 19. >> all kinds of action in one place. >> and pretty brave of this fire fighter. he has a cell phone camera rolling while there are flames coming towards his body. >> the chase cruised all around the area, surrounded the fire and never got super close. >> he has a sense of humor. he is up there filming and a lot going on in this small block here in fresno. >> the great snuggy escape.
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♪ back on our show and this time with a video every woman will relate to. >> time for the home workout. >> how it works. >> i have to send an e-mail. focus. let's go. >> we have all been here. >> i think i was there this morning. >> so sore from doing nothing. >> hold on. i need some water. water. have to record "game of thrones" for tonight. >> you have the best of intentions and then everything else in the world distracts you. >> and it happens every single time. >> starving. need a snack. no. these are mine. only if you get it out of my mouth. i definitely pulled something. ice it for a minute and watch tv. >> 20,000 reasons to not do what you set out to do. >> that's why i don't work out
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at home anymore. >> jumping jacks. >> planning to do a workout dvd. >> what the [ bleep ] is this? >> the last time i tried to work out at homey watched p 90 x and i watched it. >> and they were working hard. >> don't have any weights? i will improvise. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> she gets it. >> i will do dips to the floor. >> this one, my favorite jenna marbles video in awhile. >> it is really accurate sadly. >> that ought to do it. good workout today. ipads do lots of great things. >> i have never seen them do anything like this. >> see the ipad and the foul b ♪ alright, let's go.
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this is a security camera that caught an epic -- this guy is standing there. something falls over. looks like it might be like something very heavy and it hits a fire extinguisher. then starts blowing. it ends up exploding and filling the entire area. >> someone has to go in there and get that thing, though. >> eventually they do grab it and they take it out the door. >> oh, boy. >> good thing they got it out thereof. >> what they ended up doing is they used what looks like the screen to fan away the dust from
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this fire extinguisher. >> other good thing, there wasn't an actual fire somewhere elsewhere this fire extinguisher would be needed. you all remember dog shaming where people take pictures of signs next to their dog with the dog's miss deeds written on them. now it is time for the cats, cat shaming. they do nasty deeds like this. >> i revenge pooped in the nursery. >> always a dish served cold. >> actually, it is everybody issed warm. >> and i pooped outside the shower so mom would step in it. i pooped on mommy's slippers >> not quite as cute with the cats for some reason because cats always kind of have the same look on their faces. you can get the dog shame face and the cats are like whatever. >> they don't care. >> they're arrogant. they don't care.
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they're fuzzy, and they will poop. >> this says if i don't get fed when i want, i start to slam my mom, my brother and sister. i don't care. >> this looks like it is a little embarrassing. at 9 a.m. i puked in the gap between mom's desk and the wall so they had to move the desk and get down on her hands and knees to clean it up. thank god she saw me do it otherwise no one would have known and my vom it would have been there forever. >> i don't think she cares. >> i hate the whole turkey. don't judge me. >> that is a fat cat. >> i locked myself in a cabinet and made mom cry when she couldn't find me. >> cat shaming, that's it. not as cute as dogs. i have to say still effective in amusing me. breaks it down. ♪
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♪ ipads can do all sorts of different functions, but i have never seen them do anything like this. this guy tom is at a softball tournament in cedar falls, iowa, and he is taking pictures of this batter. looks like he is getting nice shots as the pitch comes in and watch this. >> oh! >> foul ball comes back, hits this guy through the net, knocks the ipad out of his hands and in this case the ipad served as a face shield. >> oh, my goodness. >> lucky that he was taking pictures at that moment because that could have been a real big crack to his skull. >> the craziest thing, the person shooting this kept rolling and afterwards, look, not only is he okay, but it looks like the ipad is just totally working. he goes back to continue to take pictures. >> that's going to do it for this edition of rtm. we'll leave you with a music video from macklemore and ryan
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lewis with the new hit song can't hold it. enjoy and we'll see you monday. ♪ ♪ [ man ] we have a go for auto sequence start.
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